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Betsy Sullivan

Betsy Sullivan

Director of Operations

Betsy Sullivan is the Greeter and Director of Operations at Solano Strategic Financial advisors.

Betsy grew up in a Chicago suburb and graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign. Early in her career, she was a life insurance agent for a major carrier. While helping others solve their insurance needs was very rewarding, she realized that the customer service side of the transaction was just as satisfying.

She has been a customer service liaison in many different industries; calendars and agendas, pet accessories, fiberoptic lighting for architectural designs and pools, custom designed closets and finally back to the financial services industry.

Jerry met Betsy in 2005 and it became clear they would marry in 2006. When it came time for Betsy to look for a job in her new town, Jerry said, “I need someone with your customer service background and your attention to detail.” Almost twelve years later, Solano Strategic Financial Advisors has benefitted from the white-glove treatment Betsy provides to our clients. Coming full circle, she can draw on the insurance knowledge from her early career and blend it with the other customer service and administrative attributes developed over time.

Many have said that Betsy enhances the overall client experience.